A Home Away From Home…



In the heart of Copenhagen, on a little side street, you’ll find this wonderful little place called Café Retro. If you don’t know it’s there, it’s easy to miss it, but it would definitely be a shame if you did. This little café has so much to offer, much more than a typical café could ever give.

When I stepped into Café Retro for the first time, a while back, I instantly felt the spirit of the place. It was booming with stories of joy and friendships, people connecting across nationalities and late nights with live music and dancing. I started being a Retro’er back in October. It’s not been long, but once you begin, it’s hard to stop... not that I’ve really tried stopping.


A girl on TripAdvisor describes the feeling of Retro very nicely, she says: ‘When you need a break, but are too far from home...this is a home away from home’ .

What a nice way of putting it, and it’s so true. This applies especially if you are visiting Denmark from abroad. It’s a good place to be if you want to find new friends in no time. Café Retro it’s almost like a meeting point for new beginnings and great adventures.  


As you might have figured out by now, Café Retro is not just a café and if you have been there, you might already agree with me. For many, this place is like a free space to just relax, and be yourself, you can hangout with your friends or maybe even get some new ones.

The café in itself is wonderful and gives you good opportunities to listen to music, hang out or get homework done, but the volunteers are the source of the energy. It wouldn’t be the same without them. There is nothing better than being in a place where people want to spend their time working for free, just because they love being there.

One thing I really love about Café Retro, is the furnitures. 12 years ago it was all donated and it radiates a vibe of good old days. It is perfectly imperfect, not pretending to be something it is not. It is true to its vintage self, and if you’ve been there a couple of times, you know on which sofa chairs to sit, and which ones you should avoid, because you sink right in.

I somehow always end up in that sofa chair you sink in, because it’s placed in such a good spot. 😛


Café Retro has this great football table. You might have noticed if you been there, I know I have, and I’ve developed this very, very “small” addiction to playing foosball... I’m also a “tiny tiny” bit competitive, so once in a while I need to get my fix, and Retro has the best football table in town. We have our champions (some of the volunteers), who can do the trick shots... you know the corner shots and crazy flying balls from across the table… so sometimes you  have to duck so you won’t get a black eye.

You can’t win against them, no matter how hard you try… We also have the unforgettable signatures under the football table, from the “big time losers” who couldn’t get a single goal.


Besides the football table, Retro is a place to find new upcoming bands. Thursday nights are open mic nights. The sofas are moved and a stage appears. I’ve enjoyed a lot of great music for free here, and what beats free live music? Maybe free food, but we can’t offer you that, but you can bring your food with you. We even have dj’s coming once in awhile, we make a dance floor and the party mood is on.

On top of it all, Retro is so student friendly, and you can get a discount on most of the drinks. Remember to bring your student card.

I have a feeling I could go on and on about this, but you get the picture. I hope you’ve enjoyed this post and that you stay tuned for more... for more is coming!


Peace. <3


Daniella de Lopes