We host a new art exhibition every month. You have the chance to enjoy the pieces of upcoming artists and their different styles right on the walls of our 1st floor. Remember to check out our new gallery every month when it changes. You have the possibility to buy the artwork exhibited or to have your own artwork be exhibited. If you are an artist and want to exhibit (free of charge) at Café Retro please get in touch with the Art Team: kunst@cafe-retro.dk 


Saori Ishii, Dreams, 10.11.2015 – 3.01.2016

Thor, Silence is the sound of listening, 17.03.2015 – 30.04.2015

Helen Procopovich, Travelling Aquarelle, 05.02.2015 – 15.03.2015

Morten, Glimpses of Bosnia, 28.11.2014 – 09.01.2015