You might already know that we are a cosy little café with free music and art exhibitions, but did you know that Cafe Retro is fully not- profit? If your answer is yes, then you probably don’t know exactly what sort of causes we support – so let’s share with you what sort of non-profit projects we’ve been working with recently.


The Partnership –  Root Foundation

We have created a partnership with our friends at Root Foundation in Rwanda. Root Foundation is a small non-governmental organisation that works to support young people in Kagugu, a neighbourhood of the city of Kigali. Our relationship has been forged by RETRO volunteers working with Root Foundation for the last one and a half years.

Our Goal

RETRO aims to support the Root Foundation by working to found a social economic café in Kigali. Our motivation is to enable the Root Foundation to become sustainable and financially independent. The café itself will be supplemented by the creation of a funding mechanism for the Root Foundation which will allow them to expand their work in the community and will stand as an example to similar organisations across Rwanda and the rest Africa. Kigali will gain a live music and cultural centre (the first of its kind in the area) and will be provided with facilities to offer job training to street children of school leaving age.


Kono is a volunteer-driven, fair-trade and non-profit project, working with women in Sierra Leone in West Africa. The women sew products, we sell them in Denmark and the whole profit goes back to the women in Sierra Leone. Our mission is to make women self-supporting and in that way become role models in the local community.

For more information visit Kono Business and follow them on their Facebook page
Watch the Kono video here
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